Monday, August 17, 2015

B&M Financial Management Services Launches The Next Steps Newsletter

B&M Financial Management Services (BMFMS), located in Westchester County, NY which understands the unique challenges that businesses face, from managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing, finances and beyond has recently announced that they are launching a new e-Newsletter called The Next Steps to help businesses reach their goal towards success.

The Next Steps is a free monthly email distribution which will feature industry related articles, videos, promotions, tips and strategies specifically for startup companies and emerging businesses. “Our company has been providing local small businesses systematic solutions for the past 10 years assisting them to move to the next levels towards success,” said, Managing Partner, CEO Theresa Todman.

To receive your copy of The Next Steps free monthly eNewsletter, visit their website at to join the mailing list.

Theresa Todman, Managing Partner/CEO of B&M Financial Management Services, LLC . Theresa specializes in bookkeeping, accounting, QuickBooks solutions, small business tax issues and consulting.
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