Sunday, August 16, 2009

Get Organized with Bill Pay

Are you tired of not knowing if you wrote a check to a specific vendor? Or trying to remember if a check was mailed to a specific vendor? Have you ever considered using online bill pay through your bank? Paying vendors with online bill pay allows you to pay bills, review payment and check the status of payments to vendors.

The best feature with online bill pay is that you have the ability to schedule when you would like a payment sent. You can also set up recurring payments to vendor to avoid late payment fees and receiving those collection calls.

Setting up online bill pay with your bank is fast and easy. You must have an online account to get setup and most banks require a one-time enrollment. Using online bill pay to make payments to vendors is convenient, safe, saves time and free. Save a stamp!

Bookkeeping & More Services offers a variety of business solutions to assist small businesses with financial management and administrative support. If you’d like assistant with getting started with paying your vendors using online bill pay through your bank we are here to help. Contact us at (914) 237-5088 or visit us online at

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