Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your 20 Second Professional Introduction

Are you the type of person who is known to talk a lot, but not a person who has the guts to speak in front of a crowd? You're not alone!

Many professionals have the fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people and feel very comfortable speaking one and one or in a small group. Have you ever attended a networking event where you needed to give your professional pitch to an open crowd of people? When it became your time to speak and represent your company, you became nervous and uncomfortable, all eyes were on you and it showed.

Here's what you can do to help you build your confidence, before you attend an event, take some time to practice your professional pitch:

  • Your name, title and your company.

"Hi, my name is Theresa, CEO of Bookkeeping & More Services"

  • Give an example of the services or products you offer and your target.

"We provide accounting and administrative solutions to small business owners, relieving them from the pressures of frustration, confusion and the challenging functions of running a business".

Practice makes perfection and the more you present your professional pitch will increase your communication skill when speaking in front of a crowd of people. Westchester Networking For Professionals gives its attendees an opportunity to share and learn others professional pitch as an essential to building professional relationships. So come out one evening and share your professional pitch!

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